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1262 Sanitizer for Cleaning Hands & Equipment Sterilization (100ml)

1262 Sanitizer for Cleaning Hands & Equipment Sterilization (100ml)

1262 Sanitizer for Cleaning Hands & Equipment Sterilization (100ml)

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Sanitizer for Cleaning Hands & Equipment Sterilization (100ml)

Sanitizer is an ideal choice for use in various applications such as cleaning, sterilization, first aid and more owing to its 99% purity which offers all properties of alcohol. It also offers utmost cleansing & protection to your hands to keep you safe from all kind of infection-causing possibilities whether you’re indoor & outdoor!

Product Features :

LL Reason Sanitizer :

Sanitizer is an ideal decision for use in different application cleaning, sanitization, emergency treatment and additionally attributable to its 99% immaculateness that offers all properties of alcohol

Fast Dissipation:

It vanishes neatly and limits lingering substances that makes an ideal for use in gear disinfection, hand sterilization,

Sanitizer Liquor uses:

Generally useful cleaner, disinfectant, additive, dissolvable, hand sanitizer. Additionally, it very well may be utilized as a coupling operator, degreaser, glass cleaner, ink or paint dissolvable for coatings and mechanical cycles.

SAFE and Compelling :

Our offered Sanitizer is protected to use on non-permeable surfaces, children's/infant gear, food prep regions, apparatuses, furniture, sinks, glass, door handles, floor cleaning, kitchen and restroom surfaces.

About Sanitizer Liquor:

Sanitizer is a dry fluid with thickness. Its substitute names are Propan-2-ol, Isopropanol, Scouring Isopropyl liquor and sec-Propyl liquor. Take varying according to application needs.


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